– UDM group companies owns several partners in all domains that our company is skilled in and is able to perform it effectively, among those prominent partners are :-

In the domain of finance :-

– UDM group companies enjoys a lot of friendly strong banking relations with a lot of banks . It also has an effect with several world institutions that enjoy a wide reputation, among those partners bank

– In addition to our dealings and our win – win partnership with Brazilian companies in the domain of food finance namely.

– In the domain of design, construction and business development :-

– UDM group companies is privileged to have partnership with an engineering consulting office in Egypt to design

The project and for attending and supervising them. Also, we have partnership with the Chinese companies that are the most may or contracting companies in china as we are the representatives for them on the level of the middle east, namely . company.

We have partnership with KORIAN companies and they are the most major contracting companies in KORIA, we are also the representatives for the middle east namely . company

In addition to our dealings and partnership with the Brazilian companies in the domain of food finance , namely .

– Herein a list of the companies , institutions that UDM group attains actual partnership, close and fruitful relationships with all over the world :-