An overview about the domain of finance

* We are in a UDM company are working hard and are committed to, God willing to offer financing solutions and services live up to all of us to the level of the world and to be the best choice for individuals and companies at large.

* UDM attracts customers parent company of individuals and institutions who are willing to finance their personal needs and to develop their businesses by offering multiple options of financing innovative products and wide range Permanent and excellence in multiple markets with local and international competition.

* We committed ourselves to development as a priority by funding and products that serve multiple segments which make their lives better and up lasting progress, including the UDM company plans to expand and spread all over the world to be the closest example and always reflects the goals of the company to excellence , and advancement. UDM company started from where others ended, on a basis of an outcome of experiences in the field of Islamic finance that seeks to achieve the needs of its customers through its reliance on an elite of economists, consultants and business people on its board and expertise in the global capital market in addition to an elite of efficient employees of international expertise the company uses the best i formation systems in developing all their businesses .

*The financing plan adapted by the company is distinguished with elasticity, respecting particularity in fact as compared with plans and main approaches outstanding in the domain of financing industry .

*This excellence stated here enables us to offer the best and the fastest services to our honored customers, dealing with Transactions upon a least number of documents to end them up in the first visit paid by a customer.

No hidden costs in structuring of plans along with our obligation to provide full clarity during all Transaction stages.

A business plan and development

*settling up a business plan is one of the urgent and vital matters for any company , the company endeavors to develop businesses . It’s the principle applied by all . It should be based on logical and scientific bases to achieve the common interest of the company .

*Thus UDM had to seek the development it must have its own business plan that all the company s general policy is indicated along with the company s goal and the steps followed to reach the objective .. There is a well known saying in quality control system ( IZO ) says write down what you act and act what you write .

* Namely, all your acts are to be written , that s the significance of a business plan in terms of group development.

*Of course a business plan has to be kept among the important documents and they are to be innovated continuously according to the market requirements. The group also are keens on getting all staff be acquainted with all such things .

They should have faith that their carrying out is the only means to develop and promote the group .

Here in a simple explanation of the business plan, the development and the method of setting up :-

1- Table of content :-

Of course , this is one of the most important sections in any reached business plan this table has to be separate and systematic , to enable each employee of the institution to reach what ‘s needed upon research on the table in case there’ s any ambiguity in that table to reach their aim, it’ s unwise to read the full plan until the wanted item is reached.

2- The plan’ s summary :-

The main objective of the plan is a simple and fast overview company. of the public interest and the steps taken.

3- An overview about the company :-

In this section , An overview about the company is given, where is the company stands, the extent of the company for development and the steps taken to develop its businesses .

4- Defining responsibilities :-

There, the persons liable to following the business plan and the objectives necessary for development of course, those in charge are quite efficient .

5 – The services, products offered by the company :-

Now after I ended the development of businesses in UDM group upon the business plan, we have to present our products to indicate the company s plan and marketing plans to be followed with on aim of increasing sales and profits .

6 – The marketing plan :-

It s not less important than the company s business plan . the business plan aims at developing businesses to enable it to achieve good quality and professional production This s of no value if the company is unable to find successful plans to handle with and supply what has been produced .

7 –The Plan and strategies of sale

After finalizing production process and carrying out the marketing plans as it’s planned. The turn of sale strategies come in the plans which are going to be implemented to develop sales are indicated.

8- The budget

It’s the most important point to develop and streamlining businesses in the company. The budget is that tool that could pinpoint the volume of expenditures of business plan and those marketing plans. Thus UDM endeavors to earmark a good budget for laying down the business plan in order to enable the business plan to be implemented in full to develop the company.

9- The strategic plan :-

in pursuit of sound planning to achieve the goals more effectively and efficiently the development committee has achieved the strategic plan of the group wherein the trademark the message an well as the strategies of its implementation were included. The committee of the board of directors put forward the plan in its sessions to be approved by his Excellency the chairman and the general manger.

This strategic plan of UDM group in the on the following basses:-

*Forming consultancy board of the group in participation of the employers.

*Endeavoring to innovate new program keeping up with the requirements of business market up on a field survey of such demands and in direst coordination with the concerned sectors .

*Paving the way to moving into more developed stages and spheres in the domains of business in addition to following up those efforts with the group `s managing centers.

*Developing the partnership among UDM and beneficent business sectors.

* Getting benefit of cooperation agreements that were concluded by UDM group with all and different international institutions to contribute in developing their programs.

*Recruiting prominent academic consulting and training efficiencies

* Endeavoring to obtain an authorization for the group according to the local and international quality standards.

*Preparation of propagandistic marketing plans to get the group`s program be acquainted with.

‘the group `s objectives”

* Establishment and development of a culture, tool, methods to secure customers` care and paying attention to their needs in order to have their respect and loyalty to the group.

*Meeting the required needs of the UDM`s employees with a view of developing their sense of loyalty as they are the company`s assets through continual endeavor to realize their ambitions their professional ad financial ones finding a working environment reflects the values of obligation and sense of belonging.

* Setting up strong administrative systems, characterized with advanced curricula and concepts as well as modern technological ones, that allow a flow streamlining of information and viable streamlining of.

* Investment in numerous and varied business opportunities capable of achieving growth and furthering productive capacities with a view of increasing financial revenues to a possible extent on the medium and long run.

*Supporting and sustaining the projects, initiatives working as an organization of a great liability to the interest of the society achieving high profitability standards with medium risk ratios .

*Achieving attractive revenues and in consuming, for the shareholders investments by increasing the profits distributions and equity ownership rendering first rate, viable and competitive services within the framework of full dedication.

*Finding the prevailing traditional pattern to finance the customers and projects’ that could qualify us to become pioneers in the domain of financing services

*Getting advantage of consistent blend that the company has always relied on the experiences of the shareholders The carefulness of the boa directors, the efficiency of the team work to achieve necessary contribution in serving the national economy .

*Make full use of the best of the latest information techniques in the domain of carrying out and developing the financial services of the projects for our customer` activities.

* Giving due interest to job cadres in terms of qualifying and training , their merit of wages, bonuses, trying hard, at the same time to attain the desired value of our shareholders` returns as well as investors investments.

* UDM endeavors also to adapt a new financial policy and revolutionize in the field of finance aims at financing real estate and blocked contracting. business investment in bonds, shares , securities ,rendering loans sureties, financing the subordinated companies. U D M has recently joined Talal Abu Ghazala group (

* Thus Our company , aims at furthering and rendering the best financing services along with new and creative solutions in all domains in order to meet the need and requirements of our customers in full .

In the last few years , UDM has developed its professional and financial services in addition to simple , moderate and fast services that are rendered, in addition, mobilizing and providing all types of finance .

It also cooperated with two constructive groups, one of which is Korean one , the another one is a Chinese one to develop and promote the projects in middle east countries and Africa .

UDM , also has business partners in all different parts all over the world in its different parts all over the world in its different branches.


Represented in the necessity of giving a chance to the people to get them slip away from afflictions of poverty and improving their living standards.

– Building up a manifold and solid trading company to be able to continuation, development, progress and competition, based on trust, morals and joint partnership , adding on exquisite value to its share holders, customers employees and all people of self interest and common good .

– Abiding by credibility in order to be pioneers in varied financing domains, profitable, in such a way that realize trust and loyalty to all beneficiaries.

– Abiding by preserving and painstaking endeavor to achieve the most possible standards in our daily tasks and in the quality of the products and services rendered by us.

– Conducting the management of our businesses in complete impartiality, honesty and transparency, presenting credibility and clarity element over and above anything.

– One of the mast advantages of UDM group s companies is that has several relations either banking or the relationships with the international institutions one of the most important relations are their participation with UDM group s companies awn in the domain of design , construction ,business development , a close relation and real partnership with an engineering consulting office in EGYPT ( Cairo) to design the projects and supervising them in addition to the real , fruitful cooperation and partnership with several Chinese and KORIAN companies which are the most major and important in china and Korea as were their

-Those companies representatives on the level of the middle east