Our journey began when we were at the beginning of the road and our vision was simple, and was represented that we in making tangible value and in making excellence in our desired goal . .Our growth was built on the bases laid down by the founder of the group over the past generations and was built thanks to the professional team of the best and most skilled and specialized competencies and attending the company’s strong and experienced management that leads the Group and our customers meet the extreme. U DVD collection or represent today the next generation institution combining traditional values and modern practices .. It has always been a double success in the fields of diverse businesses that are similar between us which is the distinctive attribute. And real estate our trade, finance, investment and construction materials, diversified industries and consumer finance, manufacturing and services, which extends from the Middle East to Asia and Africa areas witnesses Our superiority and our leadership which is based on the basis of transaction practices. Although these areas may look different among themselves, it meets on one thing, which is the financing, which is the core activity of the work. And also participates in many ways represented in the core values of the group, including:-

* Making the customer the main center of attention

* Permanent development and encouragement for employees.

*The long-term outlook and vision for growth and encouragement to creativity.

All these things reflect the keenness of the group on leadership and excellence in various areas of work and to unify the vision of the future among it and all the employees and in spite of changing market trends UDM group Enjoys a great deal of credibility and reputation inside and outside the Kingdom through confidence, which is one of the most important assets of the Group and constitutes the basis of strong principles on which the company based that continue to strengthen the growth of the company and help today in making institution able to continue with a capital of billions of dollars and continue the individual sections Group to keep pace with change, with the consolidation of its presence and leadership in their respective market who are well aware of the existence of a close relationship linking in the growth of the safety of staff, partners and community work environment .Those foundations and principles that support the construction of power added to it and believe in the UDM group or that each individual can make a difference and this is achieved thanks to all the initiatives relating to corporate social responsibility in order to follow the participatory approach,. In the end, our goal remains. Not only yesterday or the basis on which we have built, But on what we want to reach and the footprint that we seek to leave and this is called the target of the company which goes beyond mere wealth and figures Our success journey without end

Thanks to your continued support and we hope that this trip will be remained in minds.

Best Regards

Dr. Mohammed M. Almutari

The Chairman of UDM Group.