Industrial activities

1 – The concept of industry and its types :-

-The concept of industry is the total of the activities that transfer the natural crude planting, animal, and mineral resources to consumable industrial products and usage in other industries by using varied energy sources .

2 – The types of the industrial activity It’ s in to three main categories as follows :-

– The main industries Such as iron and steel, non iron metal industry and heavy chemical industries.

– Preparatory Industries like the heavy mechanical ones, means of electric preparations and extracting metal .

The consumable industries
-such as textile, shoes and foodstuffs.

– The components of the industry, its importance to the rest of economic sectors .

– The components of industrial activity These components are numerous, as this vital sector is based on natural resources like hidden resources ( energy and minerals ) inland resources ( plants – animals ) in addition to human ones ( manpower – consumptive market ) financial ones ( capitals and technical ( means of communication )

-The importance of industrial sector :-

– Sustaining security industries Industry plays a basic role in activating other economic sectors like providing various tools needed by the agricultural sector in addition to the necessary tourist sector, means of transport needed for the trading, industrial and vital economic sector civil defense is a well known machinery ,no one can t deny its role and importance and its dire need, we seek its assistance if fire breaks out to put it out it prevents its spread, we seek its help after Allah s guidance if there are heavy rains, or destruction to safe us and send inspection and finding out teams . it doesn’t t only put out fire, but also help in combating fires, as each trading building when set up should have to take the permission of it to make sure of safety precautions like emergency out lets, manual, electronic fire extinguishers, fire warning equipment that release the alarms if smoke is found Among our partners, those manufactures, creative contractors and those experts of future thinking in the domain of security equipment and defense .

( A ) The institutions:
you can get loans, credit facilities from their suppliers or customers or even from other institutions, nevertheless it can address the wide sector of savers who want to employ their money without, their activity is not directly attached with the economic activity of the institution .

( B ) The government:
The government may resort, in some cases to the direct finance by borrowing from the individuals, institutions through issuing numerous forms of bonds of varied periods of time and varied interest rates, the most important of which are the treasury bills .

Indirect finance:
It expresses direct, more than other methods, all the financial sources that have financial brokers as they collect the financial saving from the economic units of surpluses, then these financial savings are distributed to the needing economic units. The mediator financial institutions are trying to compromise among the sources of sawing and other financing sources .

– There are some other indirect funding in shape of guarantees that are usually used in importing and exporting transactions like the documentary credit and documentary collection… etc .

– The domestic and international finance Its divided into a finance of a market source and local financial institutions in addition to the financial market and international institution ones .

– The domestic finance Its relied on the financial institutions, and local financial markets, it included the direct and indirect local sources ( borrowings in different types securities in their different types ) etc.

– services of the general trading :-

– we have always been concentrating on providing specialized products that meet our respectable customers, we were able, thanks to our dedicated team containing of specialized managers in public relations who are highly experience to finance trade . the branches of strategic sites and our wide acquaintance of the local environmental fact, using the most modern techniques enable us to reach our customers all over the world . Thus we are specialized in providing the services of the general trading of the commodities offered by us are :-
– sugar, wheat, flour, soya beans, corn slc or Ribc or d2, penetrating fuel, gasoil, M – 100 etc.

The industrial activities

– Industry is providing a new service or a certain product within a category, it’s a phrase of any type of economic products, industry is also a synonym of the secondary economic sector that takes care of the complex economic activities like transferring the raw materials to useful products and services industry is the total of technically produced projects in any domain .

–This domain is mostly attached to the term of industry ( trans formation industry – industry of engines – Textile – Foodstuffs )

– To undertake maintenance, operation, managing factories, industrial facilities, building up housing construction, all facilities, and all related recreational centers, markets, restaurants, livelihood projects, setting up hospitals, clinics to secure healthy services for the workers in the factories, industrial companies as well as marketing the products of the factories, on local and international levels UDM, has the competence and aptitude in addition to the developmental ability to promote and develop trading , the limited exports ( export ) adding to whole industrial services and numerous trading .

– The components of the industrial production are as follows :- – The site. – Energy. – manpower. – capital. – markets. – Transport and communication. – water resources. – Raw materials.

– Raw materials :-

– They are primary materials that are found in the nature in its unaffected form, mostly it s without use or with small use not comparable with its use after manufacture.

-Those materials are divided into :-

( a ) – planting raw materials :

– such as wood, cotton, rubber, sugarcane, wheat etc.

( b ) – Animal raw materials :

– such as leather, wool, diary products and meat.

( c ) – mineral raw materials :

such as iron, copper, ( Bauxite ) , gold etc

– some industries many be raw materials for other more developed industries, that are called semi manufactured like oils, textile thread , block of cast iron, derivatives of oil / petroleum from refinery etc their low prices, their variety, easily use has a major role in setting up industry and its success.

– The importance of industry

1 – An important source of the national income .

2 – coverage of the local market from local products.

3 – providing job opportunities .

– Industry provides a strong support to the economy namely giving up importing from abroad and industrial self sufficiency .

The extracting industries They mean those raw materials that are extracted from the bottom of the land like the minerals, those industries can t be renewed or compensated such as phosphate, cement and more of wealth like oil and metals. In case of extracting minerals, petroleum and gas, it s called mining industry.

– Trans mutation industries Trans mutation industries are industries where their activity has raw materials into final products or mediator products.

They are also defined the activities that are treating the raw materials extracted fr nature, agricultural materials, planting and animal ones, transferring them to a new form beneficial.

–The importance of transmutation industries :-

1 – It can reduce the contribution of raw oil sector from the domestic product, operation , investment, balance of payment and the balance sheet of the government , if it s contribution is raised in the domestic product, which will allow to raise development process and achieve the radical change in the economic edifice

2 – An existence of an integrated and grown trans mutation industries sector will surely further economic independence, curtailing the rates of importing factored comicalities in all its form, this will pave the way to curtail the rates trading and technological subordination of the advanced / developed Indus of countries.

3 – An existence of an industrial sector that produces the most major part of consumptive , mediator or productive commodities will help to build up the material base of the national economy through developing the rest of branches and the activities of the national economy .

4 – The rates of productivity growth in the industrial sector are faster than other sectors, due to its adaptability to absorb the major part of technical progress, in addition to training and ongoing development of the human cadres working in production and management in that sector.

5 – This sector is capable for achieving the best use of the manpower shifting workers from those industrial activities where the level of working productivity is reduced or demand on it is reduced against other rising productivity that witnesses a rise on it .

6 – This sector is more dynamic as it has the ability to mobility activating other sectors by creating the productive attachments .

7 – Investment process / curtailing rates of importing investment commodities. It s the most important one that contribute in capital accumulation As the rising productivity of it will lead to raise the love of the economic surplus achieved in this sector .As comparable to other sector . this process is not confined to providing the necessary funds for the investment, but it exceeds to adapt means of production and other industrial preparations that are used in investment, which will reduce the volume of difficulties that face .

8 – That sector is singled out its ability to achieve the productive variety due to the productive stages and operations that means added values , new brands of commodities of greater benefit.

9 – An existence of an effective and developed industrial sector will allow an accurance of the social, cultural and organizational structure through its role in changing the regime of values, social traditions and family ties whose work is related to the country and agriculture through an appearance of a new concept of values related to urban zones and to industry this in addition to its role in continual change in educational system to keep up with the scientific and continuous technique, in addition to its role in expanding the civil society , raising the degree of the participation of citizen in the social and political life and its role in changing the legislative and legal framework especially the rules and laws of investment labor and financial legislation and tax to be compatible with each other for continual expansion in the role of industry in the economic life . At last on existence of ongoing industrial sector will help to make ongoing change in the organizational and administrative machinery, raising its effectiveness level to keep abreast with continual expansion in the industrial institutions .

– Marketing plan :-

UDM group is very careful in laying down marketing plan on the principle of achieving the optimum profits and gains of that plan a well prepared marketing plan a well prepared marketing plan, in the company will make things occur in fact. It s one of the most important inputs of all over marketing plan. It give the form and the structure of the company in future this plan determine the strategy, marketing environment, expected clients, the anticipated competition, adding to the laid down goals of sales and the public profit in future .the theories and concepts of marketing that are studied by the company are basic elements of the marketing plan . herein we will give the details of content and objectives of the basic steps of the marketing plan the following table indicates the basic steps of the marketing plan the objective subject.

1 – The executive summary and a brief abstract about the suggest plan.

2- The position of the local market and primary information about the market, product, competition and work investment.

3- Analyzing the available opportunities to know the point of weaknesses, strength and threat ( SWOT ) .

4 – The objectives, defining the laid up goals for the volume of soles and the market share .

5 – Marketing strategy, providing the suggested marketing method to realize goals

6 – Working program, how to divide occupational tasks and how to perform them.

7 – The budget, predicting the expected financial product of the plan .

8 – controlling system and an indicator to control the plan .

– Now, we start to gather the ideas together to extract the results, placing it in a clear image before the client and the institution, this s what included in the marketing plan, as it summarizes what has been on olysed, in addition to drafting that in decisions, to be comprehensive and be used in all administrate levels, after classifying the information onolysing and presenting it in marketing plan to ensure achieving progress now, we LL review each step of the valid marketing plan.

1- The executive summary It s an effective tool upon presenting the marketing plan or any other reports to the mangers in charge . it s short paragraphs summarize the main goals and recommendations included in the marketing plan in this case, the manager in charge will be able to determine the important points in the document . It s the last part to be written, but the first one in the report as it summarizes the stated points in the different parts of the marketing plan. It includes the proposed budget, the laid up goals of sales for several sectors in the market and the business plans inside the company that could achieve goals.

2 – The present status of the market :- This part review the primary information about the market, the products, services, competition . distribution factors most of this information was analyzed through discussion of all job department the present market position define the main orientation in the market and the economic position that affects the market. All needs of the customers in the objective sectors are reviews . It presents the list of the main competitors and other information of ralve such as their size, their goals, products and the services rendered . moreover it throw the different questions about the distribution of the products, the services for the clients and any main areas of development .

3- Analyzing the available opportunities :- – This part depends on analyzing weaknesses, strength points, the available opportunities and threats facing the company, points of weaknesses and strength are inside factors in the company that may affect the market and the plan of sales we should look forward, determine the chances and threats subjected to in communication sector, expecting the important development that may affect on the institution .

– The opportunities and threat are to be arranged to get the best interest the suitable and promising opportunities should be taken into consideration putting the goals of the company , its resources and the expected return of investment into consideration.

4 – Goals :- each and every company has its own goals which it depends on its message UDM group marketing plan is the place where we could focus on the goals that may be realized during the period of plan. The plan includes financial and marketing goals in addition to the achievements of the group in some important cases to serve the customers . we look forward to drafting and defining the goal in such a way to be measured within a certain amount of time. There are some examples on the topics of the goals.

– Reaching intended markets.

– inculcating orientation towards the client.

– staff recruitment

– The ratio of the new businesses.

5 – The marketing strategy :

– This part indicates the necessary strategies to reach goals. The development of marketing strategy within definite goals is not an easy task as it requires gathering all points that were discussed and cooperation of all the department of the company communication inside the company is a conclusive factor to get this strategy successful.

– The outstanding strategy with UDM group takes in to consideration the marketing mix namely the products and services, the price, place, distribution, promotion the quality of products and services , at any price, where and when, the distribution of such are distributed for the customer . any kinds of promotion are necessary ? To whom they will be oriented and the method of doing that . UDM may form these variations to be compatible with the marketing goals of the company in this part we could describe how the company design mixing marketing in such optimum way .

6 – Business plan UDM group transfer analysis, goals, strategies into definite tasks, marketing plan answers all the following question this part is conclusive as it provides a clear . business plan, it only collects the dust. Business plan should be definite that pinpoint all activities the achievement appointments are to be logical and of challenging trait to stimulate all managers and employees to achieve the part concerned in the total plan it can t be carried out by a single individual, but requires cooperation and a team obligation upon the maximum perfection in all businesses and division of work .

7 – The budget The budget of the group for marketing is an indication that gives an accurate idea about profit and loss. It gives an analysis of revenues , expenditures to determine the expected profit. The special part of revenues, the volume of the expected sales and price are determined and expenditure, salaries, cost of supply, wages, marketing expenses the difference between revenues, and expenses, the amount of profit and loss. This part is one of the most parts of The marketing plan as it gives the details of the financial results aimed by the company .

– UDM group works in several industries as it presents business plans, primary feasibility studies, value the products, laying marketing plan and support services of our lists. – A list of factories / industries .

– P R P P model. – Manufacturing of knives
– Factory of Al asr mill. Manufacturing P.I pines.
– Oil refinery factory. – P V C pipes factory.
– rice processing factor. – Plastic sacks industry.
– J am manufacturing. – P . P sack industry.
– Asphalt / blacktop factory. – natural gas factory.
– Injection industry. Plastic processing of fish.
– animals food. – construction industry cement / red .
– Double plates industry . – Lamp industry.
– cans industry. – P V C leather industry.
– painting industry. – P.P- P I T cassets industry.
– Frozen things industry. – Furniture / furnishings industry.
– paper industry. – containers industry.
– paper cups industry. –stone processing .
– Food industry. – concrete industry.