UDM Group companies has dedicated its efforts to become the most major pioneering ( path finding ) companies forwarding financing services in all its related domains, UDM and its partners are considered the leaders all over the world in providing the necessary finance to develop projects .

– we seek to make use of our exquisite expansion of expertise and know

– how as well as our financing potentials with a view to meeting the needs of technical and financing expertise to provide time , money, enjoying the oriented finance to the requirement and to meet the needs of our customers .

With UDM Group you could get the accurate financing and technical expertise necessary for your business in time of need and in the amount needed by your project . Among the types of finance are the following :-

* Direct and indirect finance

*Domestic and global finance.

– The Direct finance

– This type of finance expresses about the direct relationship among the loaner (lender ), borrowed and investor wit out any interference or banking financial mediator .

This type of finance takes several shapes, and it differs upon the borrowed parties (institutions, individuals government corporations)

  • The international finance This type of finance primarily depends on the international financing markets such as the stock exchanges, the international and regional financing institution such as the international monetary fund or the international bank of construction and rehabilitation and some regional institutions, in addition to the international financing programs in the form of aids or investments .

– The financial consultants ( advisers ) .

– Currency exchange :- .

– Proving credit provision – assurance of the financial capacity :-

– we can issue the letter of guarantee of financial credit, verifying it for a long time , the bank may confirm for your interest the financial credits are indebted and clear and not of un legal source.

Letters of Guarantees :- The letter of guarantee is a form of banking guarantee . that was initiated by the commercial custom to face the trading transactions, it was widely used in the last few years as on alternative monetary insurance that is provided to be presented in some trading can tracts, especially the international ones .

– The meaning of the letter of guarantee :-

– It s an acknowledgement upon the request of its customer to pay a certain amount of money or to be nominated when the beneficiary ask for that from the bank during the definite time of the letter without pending on another condition .

– The letter of guarantee arouses three legal relationships namely : the relation of the customer with the beneficiary , the relation of the customer with the bank and the bank with the beneficiary .

The relation between the customer with the beneficiary :-  Its judged and defined in their arising obligations, by the credit contract in the guarantee. This relation is started upon a on application forwarded by the customer to the bank to issue the letter of guarantee in favor of the beneficiary .

– If the letter of guarantee is issued, the bank will be indebted to the customer in the value of the letter of guarantee, commission, fees and the rates of interest.

– The bank may ask the customer to offer an insurance against issuing a letter of guarantee, which is called the cover of the letter .

– This cover may be money or movable mortgage or a building or securities or commercial paper. It may be represented in assigning the customer of his right towards the beneficiary.

– The relation between the bank and the beneficiary -Its only governed by letter of guarantee only. It s an independent relationship from the relation of the customer with the beneficiary or the customer with the bank, thus, the bank is not allowed to reject fulfillment to the bank for a reason refers to .

The relation of the beneficiary or with the bank .

The letter of the guarantee realizes an interest to its three parties : The issued bank get benefit of it as it charges commission against its issue. The customer of a bank gets benefit of as it a voids him to give a monetary insurance and beneficiary whose the letter is issued to, will get benefit of or at least, not be wronged of as the letter is considered money in his hands as it ensures an obligation issued from an obligation having a strong financial position namely the bank .

– The provisions of the letter of guarantee : The bank is committed by virtue of this letter as soon as it s issued and its reach to the beneficiary to render its value upon a request from the beneficiary during the period indicated in

– The bank s obligation is genuine and independent from each relation between the customer and the beneficiary and that relation between the customer and the bank . the bank is not allowed to do with the payments of the beneficiary to the beneficiary, never theses the obligation of the bank remain standing and right even if the agreement of the customer with the beneficiary is null and void or is subjected to cancellation or termination .

– The customer is not allowed to object in fulfillment for a reason extends from his relation with the beneficiary . the bank also is not allowed to object rendering to the beneficiary for a reason due to the relation of the bank with the customer .

The bank has not to notify the customer before the beneficiary pays .

– The bank is clear before the beneficiary if it does n t receive an application from him to pay during the valid duration of the letter, otherwise, an agreement was reached between the bank and the beneficiary before the expiry of the period to be renewed provided the customer agrees to that .

– If the bank renders the agreed up amount of money to the beneficiary in the letter of guarantee, is replaced to refer to the customer in the same amount that was paid . It s worthy to note that there are conditional letters of guarantees, the bank is obliged to pay their value pending the fulfillment of certain conditions that make it subsidiary to the insured obligation of the customer towards the beneficiary, closed to the contract that was a reason for issuing the letter of guarantee .

– Letters of credit / stand. By letters of credit confirmation of the standby letters of credit is usually issued from main international bank to confirm and insure the limitations of the credit .

– The bank guarantee is the interference of the bank with a person for whom the customer wants to contract with, the customer gets the trust of that person, the bank is obliged to pay if the customer does n t fulfills.

– Fast messages They are required as a primary notice or a payment to deliver the financial document or the financial services or as an evidence of financial credits, provision.

– Stand by credits – A non- debated settlement payment with blue merg or Uru or by a deposit transfer check.

– A loan agreement An account in your name with a credit limit ( a loan agreement / financing facilities ) can firm by an international bank the limit of credit is provided upon receipt of the legal document.

– The financial collateral’s / Rendering guarantees The international bank issues the financial collateral’s or render intones by means of the telex ( KTT ) or a printed copy from a banking letter, the collateral’s / sureties are issued for can formation only .

–The meaning of the financial collateral : – The financial collateral is a letter says that the party that issued it is obliged to pay the fees, for which this collateral was issued . it may by partial, loan or a bonus or inclusive .

– Rendering / fulfillment sureties include rendering bonuses, the partial documents conditions and scheduled payments.

– Rendering bonuses . They are additional financial amounts above the par value agreed upon, that are paid upon fulfillment of agreed upon standard fulfillment document.

-Is an amount of money, paid by the a supplier of the commodities or services in advance, provided that it s repaid in full or partial upon fulfillment of certain standards .

– The penalty condition in a can tract provides for fulfilling the agreed upon performance standards . that includes payment of a financial amount by the supplier or an amount to be deducted from the due amount to the supplier . – deduction of an amount from the due payment, most probable is the most effective penalty conditions .

– The scheduled payment or the installed ones in a project, is another form of fulfillment surety the due amount can be paid on installment upon completion of the agreed upon stages the last one is suspended upon successful completion of the project.

– The used fulfillment to apply such standards should be clear . the standard which are ambiguous, or hard to be measured, can t be forced . thus more effectiveness is achieved when all related parties are agreed on those standards before the start of the project. All statements should be cared for to secure the possibility of fulfillment measurement. Those standards may include quality measures and abiding be time as the time has special importance as the election event depends on time thus abiding by timing is to be included in fulfillment standards as their measurement is generally easier than quality .

– The development of the projects UDM tries hard to develop various and varied projects, by use all legal means. To achieve a high standard of development in your project. Thus we directly work with our customers either the project is private or governmental to understand the full comprehension of their demands and providing the solutions and optimum products directed to their problems or needs . All projects are done by all technological means to achieve the higher degree of quality and fulfillment, by providing the necessary support to meet the requirement of customers . we do so through a close cooperation with our architects, planners and consulting engineers who provide the suitable designs of the project .

– As for the main projects of constructions, and infrastructure, our international entrepreneurs of wide local expertise and knowledge, could provide the best quality and on due time .

– The most important measurements that are to be provided in developing project.

The three measurements ( matrix ) for the efficiency of a project is the time the cost and quality

– Mostly, the main objective of a project is to be carried out in a short time and on a lesser cost, and high quality . in fact these objective contradicts each other as in most cases, ending up a project in a short time may require more investments,

– Partners are to find a suitable solution by balancing among the three objectives .

– To ensure higher quality , UDM uses the material, the equipment and workmen necessary to achieve the goal on the least cost, thus the whole project will be done upon a less total cost .

The design and construction UDM company is a progressive and dynamic group that was setup to become a pioneer in its domain of business. It was set up within an all – over regional network the main object of it is covering all parts in the middle east, Asia, Arabian gulf and north Africa to keep up with the leap in contracting market in the region The record of the company is full of a prominent list of projects that were ended up in high efficiency . As this our main objective, we also take in to consideration the economic side and the needs of our clients that achieved the strong and sustained position in the domain of contracting the company also fully study the global markets to open new projects all over the world especially after the great success in its head office the company also give great interest to quality as it s the cornerstone of all its projects. It has a priority and it s the main standard in all our activities . The company has the best cadre ( staff ) in the domain of constructions, from the engineers, consultants, super visors, workmen who were chosen upon very accurate norms of high expertise as the company believes that the individual is the base of planning, organization and hard work that determines the company s policies and its future plans .

UDM Group undertakes all designs and several construction to meet the needs of our clients through an effective management to realize a high degree of designs and constructions . Thus, our company cooperates with several planners, architects, can tractors and consulting engineers upon international level and of high efficiency to secure the higher quality. Thus we are committed to do our utmost for the sake of a prospering future for our company, our partners and clients .

It s necessary to emphasize on the concepts and applications of UDM group that construction industry is not a scientific luxury, but it s a new scientific method of the professional practice during design and supervision first of all, we should arise some question about the followed ways of designing and building real estates . what are the designing decision adopted by the architect upon imaging the idea of design and chasing the systems and materials of building . such decision that are taken in hast the engineering and consultation office seem apparently easy and routine, it s in fact represents a major risk as it directly affect on our environment at healthy and economic future this anxiety mostly ended up by using the resources , especially the energy that represents a major economic burden on individual , societies and governments . the consumed energy in construction activities do n t suspend on the traditional operations as the energy is embodied in the materials of building themselves, are extracted from the nature and manufactured, shifted, set up, then the working continual operations are done, then the energy is on economic and environmental burden at the same time.

– UDM company is going on innovation in the domain of designs of housing, industrial and trading establishments in all domains the comp most projects, it s menu faceting . Also it carries out pre designed governmental projects for which the company gained praise and estimation from all parties that were already dealt with the agenda of investment and developing work sectors, considering the strategic arm of UDM group includes three main pivots :-

– Developing the projects and new investments .

– Managing the investment portfolio of the group that contains numerous denominations of assets.

– Developing businesses and managing strategic performance of the subordinated companies of the group.

The company renders integrated service for the businesses entrusted with implementation as follows :-
– Under taking the primary designs of the project either they are architect or constructive.

– Review all governmental circles, fulfilling all regulation and lows in force in the country.

– carrying out all engineering works on a higher standard of quality, and performance . Taking into consideration all security precautions in all the implementation stages.

– Handing over the projects to the misers the customers and the different governmental parties.

– following, maintaining the carried out institutions, providing all engineering support for the customers.

Filing the periodical reports that indicate the process of businesses and achievement – agreed upon ratios to the customers upon the periodical agenda

– Reckoning the costs of all items of businesses, providing consultations, advice to the customers of the company . Marketing the housing units if this is requested by the customer.

– The company does n t ignore in all cases all directions and notes of the customers to be achieved with the aim of satisfying the customers of the company . The skills of managing the project

* The step of the project.
* Forming work team.
* The administrative skills.
* Planning.
* Negotiation skills.
* Controlling.
* Management of meetings.
* Administrative organization.
* Problems of management.
* Orientation.
* Reporting.
* The effective communication skills.
* Servicing the customers.
* Managing small projects.
* Quality control system.
* The financial management of the project.

The following activities represent the foundation of UDM Group s businesses for design and construction.

–Works of the civil infrastructure.

– All types of contracts including design projects construction and full implementation project.

– operating and maintaining of projects.

–Steel structures, labs, ware houses and Indus trial projects. The independent carrying out of the high and low buildings .

– The detailed design and charts of contracts and descriptions .

– planning the constructions, scheduling and cost appraisal.

– Purchasing and facilitation of buying materials and equipment.

– managing the constructions, survey and quality control.